A Welcome Message to the 2021-22 season from Centre President Matt Gleeson

A message to all budding athletes and their families,

In 2021 we observed one of the finest exhibitions of human spirit and camaraderie at the Tokyo Olympics. Australia performed most admirably, showcasing our sportsmanship and efforts on a global level. In so many ways, it was the spirit and enjoyment of taking part that shone through in our athletes, and that is what we embody at Northern Districts Little Athletics Club. We strive to have a friendly and encouraging environment for all levels of athletic ability – one where the goal is improving against your own best efforts, and enjoying new challenges in the supportive embrace of other athletes your own age. Our motto is “Family, Fun and Fitness” and we really emphasize on the fun element, as we strive to create wonderful memories for little athletes as they grow from ages 3 through 17 years at our club.

Because we view our club members as a large family, we also place safety as a cornerstone of our intentions – with this ranging from diligent preparation and execution of Covid safety, to first aid support during exercise, and to the safe and effective coaching of athletes and helpers to perform events such that no injury is sustained. We focus mutually upon bringing coaching to athletes as they begin new disciplines of athletics to which they have not been exposed to at younger ages, but also to helping athletes as their bodies grow to adapt so as to continue to increase performance without risking injury. Our club has produced many outstanding athletes on a club, regional, state and national level, many of whom remain closely in touch with our club and dedicate their time to helping younger athletes in their enjoyment of the sport.

This year we are delighted to be celebrating our 40th anniversary, and with our heavy focus on having fun, we will be running special events throughout the year to celebrate this milestone. Once the current covid restrictions can be lifted to allow community sport to recommence we will be unveiling an exciting calendar of events that will fill your summer season with opportunities to be active, make new friends, and try new elements of track and field to both develop your skills and confidence.

I am so excited to be soon welcoming our returning families to Foxglove and warmly welcome new families to join us for the season ahead.

Yours in athletics,

Matt Gleeson

Northern Districts Little Athletics