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Foxglove Oval, Foxglove Road, Mt Colah (Google Maps; UBD map 114, ref A13; Gregorys map 162, ref F13).


Commencing on 15th September 2018, each Saturday morning, from 8:15am to approximately 11.30 am.

For the first 2 weeks of competition we are running a modified program. This includes regular running, jumping and throwing events. This initial program will provide an orientation for new families and a refresher for returning families on how NDLAC competition meets work. Early events will be run as per program 1 (javelin & walks) from 7.45am.

The last meeting before Christmas is (Friday) 21 December 2018. ! 

Our first meeting for 2019 will be held in the twilight under floodlights on a Friday night, 11 January 2019 starting from 5.45 pm. Meetings return to Saturday mornings on 26 January 2019. 

Competition meets will not be held at Foxglove Oval on Zone and Regional Championship weekends.  

Programs and Events
The events to be held each week follow the six Competition Programs. The Programs are followed in the correct order, even if a week is missed through wet weather. Changes may be made to the programs from time to time, to improve the running of the competition days.

Early Events
Javelin, for U11-17 athletes, and walking events, for U9-17 athletes, are held as optional early events in programs 1, 3 & 5 from 7.45am. The combined U13-17 3000m race (7.45am) is the optional early event on programs 2, 4 & 6.

Centre meetings are conducted under the rules of competition of LAANSW, together with local Centre rules as passed by the Committee. A copy of the LAANSW booklet Notes for the Guidance of Officials, and full details of local Centre rules are carried by the Track and Field Officer, at all meetings and everyone is welcome to refer to them.
Having fun!
Registered Athletes
Athletes registering with the Centre for the first time must produce Proof of Age at the time of registration. The ideal proofs of age are a birth certificate or passport. The age group for an athlete is determined by the age the athlete will be on 30 September in the year of registration.

If children and adults want to try out Little Athletics, a one-week Free Trial period is allowed during September only. If the child wishes to compete on the following Saturday, she or he must join the centre and become a registered and paid-up Little Athlete. Prior to taking part in the Trial, all Trial Athletes must complete a Trial Athlete form.

When a Little Athlete claims to have broken a Centre Record, the new record measurement must be checked and verified by the Key Official concerned and the Centre Track &Field Officer (or approved delegate). Unless electronic timing is being used, track records will only be recognised if there are two (2) OFFICIAL stopwatches on the athlete setting the record, with the slower time being the recorded time. Electronic records will be recognised as ‘equal records’ if they are within 0.3 seconds of superior hand-timed records as long as no faster electronic times have already been set. Records will only be ratified if the athlete is wearing the correct Centre uniform, including registration, age and sponsor patches. Records are not to be treated lightly, and these rules will be adhered to in all circumstances. New records are announced over the PA system as soon as possible after the event, and Record Certificates are issued to the athletes as soon as practicable.

The main source of information about wet weather cancellations will be the NDLAC website and Facebook and Team App.  Generally, decisions to cancel Saturday competitions will not be made until 7.30am, after weather and ground conditions have been reviewed.

First Aid
On-site First Aid will be provided at each meeting. A number of parents are qualified First Aiders. If a child is injured enough to warrant on-the-spot medical attention or treatment, then she/he should not compete in any further events that morning. All injuries should be immediately reported to the First Aid people, including injuries sustained at training.

Athletes who suffer from asthma should carry inhalers with them at all times. The athlete's parents must ensure the Age Manager concerned is aware of the athlete's condition and knows where the athlete's inhaler is kept. Inhalers should be used by these athletes prior to events or if asthma occurs during competition.

Please support all our sponsors with your patronage because they support us, and without them NDLAC would not be as successful as we are, our fees would be higher, and we would not be able to offer such a great awards scheme or other benefits. You will see our sponsors named frequently in our weekly newsletter and our Season start handbook. Please let our sponsors know that you appreciate their support of your children's sport:

  • Coles
  • Mt Ku-ring-gai Butchery
  • Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy
  • Rebel Sports
  • The Coffee Squad
  • AshBurn Tax Accountants

Sun Sense
On many competition days, children will encounter hot, sunny conditions. They should be protected by application of a suitable sunscreen, and by wearing a hat and possibly loose, cool clothing in addition to their athletics uniform. They should drink plenty of water, to avoid dehydration. On some days, they may need up to 1 cup of water each 30 minutes.

Weekly Newsletter
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