If you are a returning member from 2016-17, make sure you udpate your NDLAC TeamApp Membership groups. Not too late to register, bring a hat & water this Sat!

Uniform & Footwear

Our uniform is a royal blue singlet with white trim worn with white shorts (no logos or stripes allowed) or short pants for girls in royal blue/white and must be worn by all registered athletes when competing. Tights or compression pants (if worn under the shorts) must be black. Athletes may wear a plain white t-shirt under their NDLAC singlet to help with sun protection if they wish. If socks are worn, they must be white. Please bring a hat to wear between events.  Please don't hesitate to contact Bron Walton our Uniform Officer on bronwyn.walton@news.com.au if you have any questions.

Uniform specifics for Boys:

Royal blue singlet with white trim worn with white shorts (no logos or stripes allowed).

Boys' singlets can only be purchased from the NDLAC uniform shop for $30. White shorts are not sold in our uniform shop but can be purchased from Lowes Menswear, Rebel Sport, K-Mart or Target in Westfield Hornsby.

Boys' singlets should not obstruct the age patch (if the age patch is worn on shorts). Athletes will be required to tuck long singlets into their shorts if any part of the age patch is obscured by their singlets.

Uniform specifics for Girls:

Royal blue/white singlet top and royal blue/white short 'bike' pants. The waist length top is slightly fitted to body and has a nice racer-style back. Girls may choose to wear white shorts during competition at our Centre only (no logos or stripes allowed) if they prefer. Girls are advised that royal blue/white pants are compulsory for all external competitions, eg. State Relays, Zone, Region, etc.

Athletes/Parents please note:  Our previous girls' uniform crop top is no longer NDLAC uniform and athletes are advised that if they choose to wear this style of top they may jeopardise any attempt at records at club level and, further, if worn at external competitions, run the risk of being disqualified from competing.

Girls' singlets and royal blue/white bike pants can only be purchased from the NDLAC uniform shop. Singlet - $30. Pants - $30. 

Where to attach your patches:

Age Patches

The Age Patch must be attached to either:

(a) the front left leg area of the white shorts or royal blue/white pants, or

(b) the upper left shoulder area of the front of the singlet or top.

Athlete Registration Number

The Athlete Registration number must be attached to the middle front of singlet or top. The RED BORDER must be fully visible when the number is attached and visible when the singlet is tucked into the athlete’s shorts.

Centre Number 157

The Centre Number (157) must be attached to the rear of the singlet in a central, easy to read location for Under 7 to 17 age groups, when competing at external championships (Zone, Region, State, State Relays, State Multi and Trans-Tasman Trials).

Jetstar Patch (not shown in photo)

Jetstar patches became available on 11 October and can be collected from the canteen on competition Saturdays. They must now be attached to the upper right shoulder area of the singlet or top. (The Jetstar patch replaces the IGA patch from previous seasons.) This patch may overlap the registration number area as long as no part of the McDonalds logo or registration numbers are obscured.

Shoes (Note changes affecting U9-10 athletes effective from the 2014-15 season)

All athletes must wear appropriate footwear at all times. Under 9 and younger athletes may NOT wear spiked shoes for any event. Athletes aged Under 10 to Under 12 may only wear spiked shoes in events run entirely in lanes, in jumping events and for javelin. (Note that effective from the 2015-16 season, U10 athletes will not be allowed to wear spikes for any event.) Under 13 and older athletes may wear spiked shoes in all track events (except for walks), jumping and javelin events. Spiked shoes must be removed by all athletes when travelling between events and must never be worn outside the oval.

NDLAC rule for high jump:  Pin (needle-shaped) and compression tier ('Christmas Tree') spikes only please. Cone shaped spikes may not be worn when high jumping at Foxglove as they are more likely to damage the covers of the mats.