Committee roles

Committee roles

We are still looking for volunteers to fill the roles of Coaching Coordinator plus anyone willing to assist as a general Committee member which will be a hybrid role picking up assorted duties as required throughout the year.  You will have the support of the committee, and significant discounts to registration fees apply!  If you are interested please contact secretary@ndlac.org.au.

An updated list of the roles and responsibilities of committee members may be found at the link here.

Positions include:

Executive positions






General Committee positions

Awards Officer

Canteen Officer

Championships Assistant (2 positions)

Championships Officer

Coaching Coordinator

Equipment Officer

General Committee member (2 positions)

Saturday Assistants and Key Official Coordinator

Presentation Night Officer

Publicity & Website Officer

Records & Rankings Officer

Track & Field Officer


NB: The position of Vice President will be elected after the AGM by the 2021-22 Committee from the General Committee Members

proxy form enabling a member to vote on behalf of another member at the Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting or General Meeting may be downloaded from here.