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Congratulations to the following 15 NDLAC athletes for their selection to compete at the State Championships on 16 & 17 March 2019 at SOPAC (Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre)!! 
To all qualifying athletes, please be sure to keep a close eye on your emails for further important information about the State Championships (also noting that our State Team Photo will be taken before the meet of Sat 9 March @ Foxglove) ........ and GOOD LUCK!!

Kisho Carlino-Mizuno
Boys U 13 Triple Jump

Imogen Cochrane
Girls U 10 1100 Metre Walk

Isabelle Cruickshank
Girls U 13 Javelin

Marco de Paulis
Boys U 15 1500 Metre Run
Boys U 15 800 Metre Run

Ella Gibbons
Girls U 14 Discus

Penelope Gill
Girls U 10 800 Metre Run

Shayla Gleeson
Girls U 13 High Jump

Kalan Harding
Boys U 12 Discus

Alyssa Holmes
Girls U 9 Long Jump

Aniela Knight
Girls U 10 Long Jump

Matilda Lemckert
Girls U 11 Shot Put  

Maya McMullen
Girls U 15 Long Jump

Elise Oliver
Girls U 12 Javelin  

Mikaela Quinlan
Girls U 17 High Jump  

Lynden Wiesenhaan
Boys U 13 200 Metre Sprint