Weekly Programs, Sign Up and Parental Assistance

We will rotate each week between the two programs except for special events such as multi-event and pentathlon days or where we need to alter due to weather conditions. General program start is 8:30am arrive 15mins prior for warm up and set-up.

Parental Assistance Sign Ups for 2024/2015 – Coming Soon!

Please click light grey link below to sign up for your parental assistance. We will use sign up to check we have the required amount of helpers for the meet as well as track parental assistance requirements.

Early & Late Event Sign Ups for 2024/25- Coming Soon!

Early events are optional events for U9+ and start @7:30 am. Please sign your athlete up be there 10-15mins before your event to be ready to start.  Events are as follows ( U9+ walk only, U11-12 walk, javelin and triple jump, U13+ walk, 3000m, discus, javelin and triple jump. These events alternate each week. only the age groups stipulated in the weeks program can participate. Please click light grey link below to sign your athlete up.

Centre Programs

Currently draft format maybe altered slightly. Please click light grey link below.

Program One Modified 16Mar2024 v.2.1

23-24 Program One v.1.7

Program One Modified 20Jan2024 v.2.1

Program One Modified 17Feb2024 v.2.2

23-24 Program Two v.1.7


22-23 MultiEvent Program

Multi-Event Day

This is a combined event day, which means you need to take part in ALL events on your program to receive a Multi-Event score – so please make sure you are on time for the first, and don’t pass on one to save your energy for another.

Middle Distance Handicap 

Runners of all capabilities from U11 and up are invited to contest the MDH over 1500m at 8:15am this weekend. The prestigious annual race seeks to find worthy Trophy winners and placegetters for this event. All U11+ runners across the club are seeded based upon their time performances in Middle distance events this year, as well as their performance in previous Middle Distance Handicap events. The race starts with the clock ticking over until the first runners time is called and they set off and sequentially as each runners time is met they set off. The idea being that the fastest runners start last and have the field to catch, with everyone having a great chance to be finishing down the final straight in a tight and exciting contest. It is a great spectator event too.

To run: Meet at the Inside Track tent (start of the 200m/800m) between 7:55-8:00am to receive your handicap and then get warmed up. Race starts at 8:15am (Parents we will also need some help with lap counting if you are able to assist). For any questions please email president@ndlac.org.au


Set-Up @ Pack Up Duty

Date Week Setup Packup
23/09/2023 1 U9 U14-U17
30/09/2023 2 U6 U8
7/10/2023 3 U7 Boys U7 Girls
14/10/2023 4 U9 Boys U9 Girls
21/10/2023 5 U10 Boys U10 Girls
28/10/2023 6 U12 U11
4/11/2023 Pentathlon U13 U14-U17
11/11/2023 8 U8 U6
18/11/2023 9 U7 Girls U7 Boys
25/11/2023 No Meet – Zone
2/12/2023 10 U10 Girls U10 Boys
9/12/2023 11 U11 U12
15/12/2023 Friday Twilight U15-U17 U13-U14
Christmas Break
13/01/2024 13 U9 Girls U9 Boys
20/01/2024 14 U7 Boys U7 Girls
27/01/2024 15 U10 Boys U10 Girls
3/02/2024 Multi-Event U12 U11
10/02/2024 No Meet – Region
17/02/2024 17 U13-U14 U15-U17
24/02/2024 18 U9 Boys U9 Girls
2/03/2024 (State Combined) No Foxglove Meet See Calendar for Hornsby Meet.
9/03/2024 19 U10 Girls U10 Boys
16/03/2024 20 U6 U8

If it is your age groups turn please make sure you are at the oval by 730am (for Saturday meets) and 515pm (for Friday night meets) to assist with set-up.

Parental Assistance

Compared to other sports, Little Athletics needs a larger number of parents/guardians to help run all events. Parents/guardians find that they get a great deal of enjoyment from active participation in their children’s sport and your assistance is greatly appreciated!! The minimum expectation is for one parent/guardian per family to assist every 2nd week. We have added the entire season to Sign up above. It is important you sign up when you do help as this is our way of tracking parental assistance as well as knowing where the gaps are. There are numerous tasks we need help with whether if its raking long jump, assisting with your childs age manager, selling raffle tickets, collecting shots all are important and very much appreciated. In addition, each age group is rostered 2-3 times each season to assist with setting up the oval before competition AND packing up the oval after the completion of competition. The Age group schedule for this year will be uploaded ASAP.