Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

Weeknight training (Weekly – Thursdays)

Our Centre coaching team will hold our Thursday afternoon training sessions each week at Foxglove Oval starting in October 2022 (date TBC) running through until the Christmas Break, and recommencing mid-to-late January 2023.    For this season, we are:

  • DOUBLING our Coaching focus with dedicated training for Younger Age Groups and Older Age Groups; each held at later times on Thursday to encourage maximum participation.
  • Making Level 1 Athletics Coaching courses available for Age Managers free of charge
  • Training Junior Development Coaches in a brand-new Cadetship program formed specifically for NDLAC through collaboration with Athletics NSW, so that they can increase effectiveness of training programs

There will also be greater forward visibility of Programs for Saturday and Thursday Training – to allow anticipation and excitement to flow for athletes as they see their ability to improve and perform in pet events and experience other events.

We kick-start our weekly NDLAC training / coaching sessions off at Foxglove in OCTOBER 2022. Lead by one of our fantastic centre coaches, training / coaching will comprise 2 hours total, split 1 hour each for U6-11 (530pm to 630pm) and U12-17 age groups (630pm to 730pm).

Focus will be on different events and disciplines – typically 2 per block – which we will try to give athletes as much advance notice on as possible (subject to change because of weather conditions or numbers).  E.G. A sample program is as follows:

Juniors U6-11 (530pm to 630pm):
1st Session: Long Jump
2nd Session: Shot Put

Seniors U12-17 (630pm to 730pm):
1st Session: Sprints / Starts
2nd Session: Throws

These training and coaching sessions, which serve as a great way to achieve even more / greater PBs, are exclusively for NDLAC athletes and are provided at no additional charge for our registered Centre members.

Athletes need not wear their NDLAC uniforms. Comfortable clothes for running, jumping and throwing plus enclosed footwear are all that you need, plus plenty of energy and a willingness to learn and have some fun! As always, bring along a drink and a hat for the earlier sessions in particular, and keep an eye out for any wet weather announcements via our NDLAC TeamApp page.

We look forward to welcoming many athletes and families at Foxglove each Thursday!

Additional Training Sessions

Additional training for Centre Squads (such as Relay teams) will be provided on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

Local Coaches

Alysha Burnett (Former NDLAC Athlete, and Commonwealth Games representative 2018) – Throws, Jumps and Hurdles – is also available for training and coaching separate to the above.  Contact Alysha for session times and details. 0431 858 768.  Note: A training fee for sessions outside of those covered by NDLAC will be payable directly to Alysha.