Winter Cross Country 2019

Winter Cross Country 2019

Our 2019 Winter Cross Country season has finished.  Details of the 2020 season will be posted towards the end of the regal 2019-20 season. The season will run for between 10-12 weeks from April 2020 and conclude with handicap races and presentation in June 2019.  You are welcome to join mid-season even if you cannot make it any Sunday!

Course A: 500m

This series will provide NDLAC athletes with a convenient, local, spectator-friendly venue to train and prepare for schools’ representative cross country season as well as various Combined LANSW/ANSW Cross Country Championship events.

Separate Road Walking Championships (U9-17s) will be held at International Regatta Centre, Penrith – date TBA.

Several courses have been set within the familiar Foxglove precinct. The weekly program will generally run as follows:

  • 4:00pm: 2000m (U11s & U12s) and 3000m (U13s to U17s & open);
  • 4:25pm: *500m (U6s, including Tiny Tots);
  • 4:35pm: 800m (U7s & U8s) and 1500m (U9s & U10s).


Course B: 800m

Athletes remain in the same age groups as the just completed 2019-20 summer season. While winter season awards will be based on athletes’ achievements in the designated distance for their age group, athletes may choose to compete in other distances and/or more than once per week to complement their training program for the schools’ representative XC season. *Note that the 500m race is reserved exclusively for U6s & Tiny Tots and these athletes may not compete in other distances.


There are NO COSTS for athletes already registered for the 2019-20 season with either NDLAC, another LA centre, or a senior athletics club. Interested athletes who are not currently registered may pay $50 to join NDLAC for the winter season (proof of age required) and be covered by LANSW insurance. Registered U7‑17s are also eligible to enter the 2020 LANSW XC Championships.

Uniforms may be worn but are not compulsory for this series. However, the complete NDLAC uniform together with registration number, age patch, and Coles logo must be worn at the LANSW XC Championships in July.

As always with Little As’ events, we would be appreciate some assistance from parents each week to help set up, act as course marshals, process the finishers and pack up equipment afterwards. Thank you in advance.

Course C: 1000m

Parking within the grounds may be difficult if there are soccer matches still in progress. However, it would be appreciated if families would NOT park on the western side of Lancelot Street where Course C is set. Please park on the eastern side or on Foxglove Road.


Cancellations for any reason will be notified on our website (ndlac.org.au), Team App and Facebook page.

Families are requested to arrive a little earlier (around 3.15pm) in the first week to finalise their registrations and payments (if applicable) and to familiarise themselves with the courses.

For more information please contact Adelle on 0438 442 009
or email us ndlac@ndlac.org.au