Welcome to 2019-20 season registration for Northern Districts Little Athletics Centre. Please register ONLINE following ALL the steps below through to the payment system. Once you have registered online a registration pack including your registration number, age patch, sponsor patch etc... will be made up for you and ready for collection on our registration day.

Registration day will be held:

Sunday 8 September 2019 from 10:00am - 1:00pm at Foxglove Oval.

Before you can collect your registration pack you must have PAID. You must also complete and provide the required forms detailed below.

You must register and pay online.

If you have any questions or feedback at any time please contact the Registrar at registrar@ndlac.org.au

Season fees
Which age group?
Registration: Start here
    Step 1: Parental Assistance Declaration
    Step 2: Medical Information/Photo Consent 
    Step 3: Working With Children Declaration  
    Step 4: Register online
    Step 5: Bring forms to registration day and collect your number(s)
Checklist of required forms
Free trial period

Season fees

Fees for this season are listed below.  

First athlete      - $150
Second athlete - $145
Third athlete    - $140
Fourth and subsequent athletes $100 each

We accept Active Kids Rebate vouchers, THESE CAN REDUCE FEES BY $100 PER ATHLETE! so have your voucher code handy.  You will need it when you get to the Little Athletics NSW site.  If you haven't already registered for your active Kids rebate, click on the link below to go to the Service NSW website to apply: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher


Which age group?

Little Athletics age groups are based on the age of the athlete at the end of December.

Download the NDLAC 2019/2020 Age Group Calculator

Athletes in the U12-17 Age Groups also are entitled to free dual membership with an Athletics NSW senior club!  See this link for more information on the features and benefits of this great offering.

Registration and payment begins here

Step 1 – Print and complete the Parental Assistance Declaration

Like all Little Athletics Centres, Northern Districts has a policy that requires parents of all athletes to regularly assist with the conduct of events at competitions that their children attend. The minimum level of assistance expected is for one representative from each family to assist at Foxglove Oval for approximately three hours EVERY SECOND SATURDAY that their children attend. If you are unfamiliar with this policy, please take the time to review it now in our season handbook or website. You are encouraged to ask questions and discuss any aspect of the policy that you do not understand with a committee member.

Click here to print the Parental Assistance Declaration

Step 2 – Print and complete the Medical Information/Photo Consent

Please complete the Medical Information and Photo Consent form.  Each form can be used for up to two athletes. Print as many as you need.

Click here to print Medical Information/Photo Consent 

Step 3 – Print and complete the Working With Children Declaration

All volunteers are required to complete the Working With Children (WWC) Declaration in line with government requirements. In most cases, parent volunteers will be exempt from obtaining an actual check, but we are still required to collect the form. There are more details on the form itself.

Click here to print WWC Declaration

Step 4 - Register online

Registration is online via Little Athletics NSW website.  Please note athletes in U12-U17 age groups will automatically be registered as a Dual Athlete (Little Athletics NSW & Athletics NSW).  During your LA NSW Registration process, you will be required to choose your Senior Athletics club.  A Club Finder and other information will be available to help you search the club of your choice (or you can select Other). Please note that NDLAC is not affiliated with a specific Senior club.  However, many current and past NDLAC Athletes have been attached to clubs such as Sydney Pacific, Ryde and Cherrybrook. 

All registration payments must be made online for your registration to be activated. Once you have registered, you will be emailed a Receipt.

New athletes will be asked to provide family and athlete details. Please note that new athletes will be required to show an original birth certificate or passport when you pick up your pack to verify ages.

Click here to proceed to Little Athletics NSW home page to commence registration

Step 5 – Bring your completed forms to Foxglove Oval on Registration Day to pick up your pack

Once you have registered and paid online, bring your Proof of age (if a new athlete) and completed paperwork to our Registration Day and pick up your pack.

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Checklist of forms required for registration:

Parental Assistance Declaration and Medical and photo consent form
Working With Children Declaration
Payment receipt 
Proof of age (for new athletes)

Free Trial Period

Little athletes are welcome to enjoy a one-week free trial at any of our September competition meets. If the athlete wishes to compete on a subsequent Saturday, he or she must join the Centre and become a registered and paid-up athlete.

To trial at Northern Districts, please come to the Registration Desk on Saturday morning to complete a Trial Athlete form. Completion of this form is essential prior to participating in Little Athletics to ensure that the athlete is covered by our insurance policy.

Click here to download the Trial Athlete form.


If you have any questions at any time please contact the Registrar at registrar@ndlac.org.au

Don’t forget to stay up to date by following NDLAC on Facebook!

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